We are using Helpshift for all communication. It's a real time chat & contact-us platform which enables us to communicate with you in-app, via our website, or via email.

If you need help with the app, shop, website, anything really, first see if you can find the answer in our FAQ. It's fastest and easiest.

If you can't find what you're looking for, it's really easy to contact us:


  1. Tab the question mark, which you will find in the upper right hand corner on most pages.
  2. Select "Contact Us" and let us know about your problem.
  3. We'll get back to you in-app. In real time if we have someone available to help, when your question comes in, or you should expect an answer next time you use the app.

Via our website

  1. Click on the chat symbol in the lower right hand corner and let us know about your problem.
  2. Remember to leave your details so we can get back to you via web-chat as well as email

Via email

If you would rather contact us via email, please do so on life@ailuna.com.

We're never more than a few clicks away and aim to get back to you in as close to real time as we can.