Welcome to the first release of the Ailuna app - version 1.0!

Many months have gone into planning, building, testing, iterating, ripping things apart and putting them back together. It's been a long time coming.

You're one of an exclusive bunch of people who know about the app.

We won't start telling the world about it until the time is right.

Feel free to invite a friend or two to try it out, who can keep a secret, but no more than that here in the beginning...

Since it's the first version of our first app, there could be things that don't work as expected. Features that are missing. Things we have forgotten to think about or fell through the cracks. Bugs, or as developers like to call them: "undocumented features" ;-)

Have a great time with Ailuna - and let us have your honest feedback, as well as report problems and bugs as quickly as you can.

If you go back a step, you'll find separate FAQs for how to report a problem and how to leave feedback.